Hello, I’m Georgina, a 23 year old hobbyist blogger, and welcome to Love GeorgieA British Lifestyle & Wellbeing blog.

Love Georgie was born in January 2017, months before finishing my degree, as a way to express my interests and share them with others. For years I thought about starting a blog but I had no idea how and I worried what other people would think. Yes, I was very silly for letting that stop me, but not anymore.

I am very passionate about the relationship between the body and the mind, and what it means to live slowly and appreciate every moment. You’ll often find me cuddling Clover (our family dog), writing, or taking endless photographs. I also have a real fondness for the natural world, which I’m sure is expressed throughout this blog.

 Love Georgie is a place you’ll find anything from ways to live simply and consciously, to places to visit and enjoy. I’m not going to give too much away. You will have to give it a read first to find out more.

Love Georgie