Cornwall Day 2 | St Michael’s Mount

Cornwall Day 2 | St Michael’s Mount

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After leaving Mousehole, we travelled along the coast, through Penzance to Marazion. Our plan for the rest of the day was to visit St Michael’s Mount, a small island with inhabitants just off the coast of Marazion.

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island with a man-made causeway. At low tide, you can walk straight out to the island, crossing the slippery slabs whilst looking for washed up treasure. Luckily for us, the tide was out when we arrived so there was no need to wait for a boat to take us across.

Stepping onto the island, our first port of call was to fill two rumbling stomachs, so we headed to the Island Cafe. However, it seemed everyone else had the same idea. The queue for a cup of tea and a sandwich was ridiculously long, and after 10 minutes of waiting, we decided to give up.

So, we tried our luck queuing to tour the castle and gardens. Unfortunately, there was a waiting time of an hour or so, and with a hangry boyfriend in tow, there was no point even considering it. I’d definitely recommend getting there earlier, or during a quiet season, to visit the castle.

Instead, we wandered the small village and harbour, currently home to 30 islanders, and discovered what life on the island was like. It has its own community and everyone on the island works together to maintain it; their lives revolve around the time of the tide.

Whilst the island buzzed with the hum of activity, I could only imagine how otherworldly it must be in the depths of winter, isolated from the mainland. Imagine waking to the morning stillness every day on an island enveloped by the tide, detached from the busyness of modern day life. Sounds idyllic!

Strolling back along the causeway, trying our best to dodge passersby, we made it our mission to grab a Cornish pasty asap. When in Cornwall! Of course, this wasn’t difficult at all. Back on the mainland, almost everyone was eating one. I went for a vegetable and cheese pasty which was so delicious and full of black pepper. Top tip for eating around seagulls, sit against a tall wall so they can’t swoop down from behind and steal your meal.

It was a shame we didn’t spend a lot of time on the island, but we really couldn’t justify waiting in queues all day long. It’s most definitely worth a visit if you’re in Cornwall though, and even if you don’t fancy a journey to St Michael’s Mount itself, the view from the shore is just as pretty.

To be continued…

Love Georgie 


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