Cornwall Day 1-2 | Fistral Beach & Mousehole

Cornwall Day 1-2 | Fistral Beach & Mousehole

Last August, Anthony and I spent a week in Cornwall, a place I had always wanted to visit, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We opted for a cheaper stay with Airbnb in which we rented out a private room within someone’s house in Perranporth. As we were planning to be out exploring for most of the day, we wanted to save money on accommodation rather than splash out on a fancy hotel. It also meant we could stay for longer. The hosts of the Airbnb were so welcoming and it wasn’t awkward at all.

Perranporth (a small seaside town) itself was also a perfect location to set up base as it had everything you needed from shops to restaurants, and of course, a beautiful, wide sandy beach. Not only that, but it was only a 20-minute or so drive into Newquay.

As it was the last week in August before schools went back, we were really lucky that nowhere was too busy. I’m sure if we had of gone earlier in the summer, everywhere would have been heaving with people. I like a place that has a good vibe and atmosphere going on, but flocks of tourists frustrate me (even though I was one).

The drive to Cornwall wasn’t too long either, but that’s only because we traveled from Bristol, having spent two nights there. It’s a shame as on our only full day in the city, it poured down with rain, but enough about that.

When we arrived in Cornwall, we headed straight to Fistral Beach in Newquay for a wander along the sand and to dip our toes in the water. It’s such a lovely beach and when the tide is so far out, the wet sand glistens for miles. I also loved the whole surfer vibe it had going on, even though I am definitely not a surfer and nor have I tried it, but the laid back and carefree atmosphere was so inviting.

Later on that evening, after checking into our Airbnb, we headed out for a takeaway in Perranporth, which we ate on a bench looking out to the incoming tide and sheltered our food from greedy seagulls.

The following morning, I dragged Anthony out of bed ready for a full day of exploring. We had made a plan the night before of what we were going to do and see and as always, I was eager to get going. Our first stop was Mousehole, a charming village and fishing port.

As it was a Sunday morning, it was lovely and quiet so I could take those all important shots. The harbour was full of characterful little boats, and colourful surfboards stood by guarding them like soldiers.  I was in my element photographing such a photogenic place. I was even grateful for the fairly overcast sky which acted as a softbox, helping to create those lovely grey and blue tones.

Grabbing ourselves a takeaway cup of tea (for me) and a coffee (for Ant), we sat along the harbour edge gazing out at the view. I could have honestly spent hours just staring out at the boats, listening to the squawking gulls swooping above and the gentle sound of lapping water beneath us.

It was perfect.

To be continued…

Love Georgie 



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