Castle Ashby Gardens | Part One

Castle Ashby Gardens | Part One

A couple of weekends ago, I somehow managed to drag Anthony along with me to Castle Ashby Gardens in Northampton, after wanting to visit the estate for a while. Truth be told, I would never have known about the place if it wasn’t for Instagram and seeing so many beautiful pictures of the place. I’m a real sucker for romantic gardens and botanical orangeries, so Castle Ashby was just the perfect place to have a wander round on a Sunday afternoon.

Whilst it’s not the type of place that has a lot going on, I’d definitely suggest packing a picnic and finding a quiet spot to relax for the day. Unlike a public park, the place is so peaceful, and not to mention photogenic, that it makes for a nice change of scenery. You do however have to pay an entrance fee, which I think was £7 for one adult. There’s also a cafe/restaurant in which I indulged in a cream tea. It’s not something I have often so I didn’t feel too guilty.

We then spent a good couple of hours exploring the gardens, which mostly consisted of me testing Ant’s patience by stopping to take photos every minute. I did get him involved by handing him the camera and giving him a quick crash course on how to manually focus on manual mode, and he didn’t do too badly. However, it was the meerkats that really caught his attention. Yes, there are meerkats there, and a few other animals like giant rabbits, tortoises, pigs, birds, goats, and monkeys. The meerkats were definitely the cutest and were so intrigued by dogs and airplanes.

As you can imagine, I took so many photos, so I’m going to let them do the talking from here. I’m also going to share another load in a separate blog post (there’s too many choose from) so it doesn’t slow the page down. Hopefully, the photos will inspire you to visit Castle Ashby yourself.

Love Georgie 


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