Visit | Hitchin Lavender Farm

Visit | Hitchin Lavender Farm

I’ve always loved the idea of picking your own, whether it’s fruits or flowers, I just knew I had to visit the lavender Farm in Hitchin. Not only that, but I love finding new places to visit in the area. In Britain, we are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside close to our doorstep. There’s no better place to be than the country on a warm summer’s day.

Hitchin Lavender is a place I have wanted to visit since reading about it on a list of places to go in Hertfordshire back in March. Of course, it wasn’t open in March as lavender season begins in the early summer. The farm is easy to find and is located in Ickelford, which is just north of Hitchin, but only opens for season at the end of May and closes in early September. The entrance to the farm is £5 per person for an adult, under 14’s is £1 and children under 5 can visit for free. This includes entrance to the fields and a brown paper bag to pick up as much lavender as you want. They also lend you a small pair of scissors to snip away with.

Scissors and bag in hand, Elyse and I made our way along one of the purplest paths. We were surrounded by lavender for miles but as it was still early in the season, the lavender was not yet at its peak. Although some rows of lavender were more vibrant than others, the majority had not yet blossomed, instead, there were rows upon rows of pale lilac. Nevertheless, it was still extremely pretty and the lavender still smelt amazing.

As we walked along, gradually climbing to the top of the hill, we both stopped to appreciate the view. The sun was shining upon us and it was truly stunning; I can just imagine that it must be even more so in July and August. I felt as though I was somewhere in Provence. The fields of lavender reminded me of that southern French country charm. You know what I’m talking about. I felt as though I should have had my hair tied back with a scarf, a cotton pinafore on and a wicker basket at hand.

It was also great to see so many bees, butterflies and ladybugs enjoying the lavender. We’re all aware of the declining bee population and it’s so important we do what we can to save them. I personally like bees and their gentle buzz. They really weren’t a problem and you forget that they’re there. Wasps are a different story. The whole process of being outdoors and cutting flowers for yourself, rather than buying from a shop, is so therapeutic. Try it.

After filling up our bags with as much lavender as we possibly could, we headed back down the hill to enjoy a small picnic. There are a few benches but we laid out a rug and sat on the grass. It was so peaceful. There is a cafe, so if you don’t fancy taking your own food, you can always grab a bite to eat there. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to have a little wander into the gift shop that sells products made with the lavender from the farm.

I will definitely be returning to Hitchin Lavender once the Sunflowers are also in bloom in August.  Hopefully, the lavender will be at its peak by then as well. For anyone interested, visit the Hitchin Lavender Facebook page. They regularly update it with the stages of the lavender so you know when it’s best to visit. They also hold yoga and meditation classes at the site, craft workshops and an outdoor cinema. There are no reasons not to visit this unmissable place.

In my element.

A bag full of lavender. For now, I have tied little bundles of lavender together and have left them out to dry.

Thank you to Elyse for allowing me to use some of the photo’s she took as well as my own.

Love Georgie ♥



  1. July 9, 2017 / 9:48 am

    you’ve just reminded me about the lavendar fields near to me (in surrey!), i’d completely forgotten they were there but am making plans to go as we speak. they sell lavendar cake there too…which is the most insanely delicious treat i’ve ever had!

    your photos are beautiful, little lady!

    katie xx

    • Georgina Grace
      July 9, 2017 / 1:57 pm

      Ah, that’s good, I hope you have a nice time!
      Sounds lovely, I didn’t get a chance to try anything from the Tea Room – maybe next time!
      Thank you and thanks for the follow on Bloglovin’ xx

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