Visit | Tring National History Museum

Visit | Tring National History Museum

Summer is approaching at last. The days are long and light and it’s finally warm enough to ditch the layers and free the skin. All of a sudden, you find you no longer want to hibernate inside. It’s time to go out. Explore. Have a little wander somewhere new. There’s nothing worse than being cooped up inside, wondering what to do on a beautiful day.

Yes, lazy days spent in the garden are the best kind, but sometimes, you just need to get out, which is exactly what myself and Anthony did at the weekend. It was a lovely sunny Sunday; I was tired of having spent weekends at home because of revision and assignments and suggested we do something. Anything. Except, it had to be free, or at least cheap and affordable.

That’s when I thought of paying a visit to the National History Museum in Tring. I had been twice before but Anthony had never been. On a Sunday it doesn’t open until 2pm; perfect as we had a slow start to the day. And, it’s free.

The museum was once the private collection of Walter Rothschild, but it is now under the control of the National History Museum in London. It houses an extensive collection of stuffed animals, some of which are even extinct. There are a total of 6 galleries in the Victorian building (shown below) and a room dedicated to Rothschild himself.

It really is an impressive collection of animals throughout history. In fact, it’s better than the Natural History Museum in London. It’s less crowded, no queues and has a more intimate and personal feel to it. From insects, to moulds of Giant sloths, there is pretty much every animal you could think of on display. Apart from dinosaurs, so I guess it falls short there.

If staring at animals isn’t your thing, it’s still worth the visit, even for a quick snoop around. You can always go for lunch or a quiet drink in Tring afterwards. We stopped for a drink in The Akeman, which was a five or so minute walk down the road from the museum. Tring is a pretty, quiet little village, which makes it all the more perfect for slow, mindful Sundays.

 Tring is in Hertfordshire and relatively easy to get to from London and surrounding towns. We drove and there was plenty of parking around the museum and Tring Park. It’s definitely worth the visit if you don’t want to spend much and fancy getting out for a few hours. Kids will love it too.

Below are only a selection of the animals on show at the museum.

{Excuse the quality of the photos. The lighting in the museum isn’t the best and the glass is very reflective.}


{Creepy crawlies!}


{Giraffe’s are my favourite}


{How cute are these little starfish?}

{I always thought Narwhal’s were mythical creatures. Clearly I’m no zoologist}

Love Georgie ♥


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