Think Pink: A Skirt for Spring

Think Pink: A Skirt for Spring

Happy first day of Spring!

For anyone who hasn’t already noticed, pink is everywhere at the moment. It seems to be a big trend this spring and I for one, cannot get enough of it.

Last weekend I had a Wedding to attend and I had no idea what to wear. A wedding in March? Will it be raining? Will I be windswept? Is it winter, or is it spring? I had a few dresses in mind, but all were either too dark, or too light and summery. One of the biggest trends last winter were pleats. I considered wearing my long, shimmery gold pleated skirt, but well, the colour was just a tad too bold and Christmassy for a wedding.

I wanted something feminine; something soft and elegant which had a classic, timeless feel to it. After searching the internet for hours on end, desperately hoping to find something that fitted what I was looking for, I found it. A beautiful velvet, shimmery pink, long pleated skirt from ASOS. It ticked all of the boxes. I just couldn’t wait until it arrived to try it on.

As for what to wear with the skirt, I bought a white lacy top from Danish brand Vila on ASOS {see below} as I didn’t have anything in my wardrobe. I didn’t want to wear anything that would deter attention away from the skirt, so a simple, yet pretty white top made a perfect pairing. And who doesn’t love delicate, lacy sleeves? The great thing about it is, I can pretty much wear it with anything throughout spring and summer, rather than having spent a lot of money buying a fancy dress that I’d only get one or two wears out of.

Next, it was all about the accessories and the small details. Although I already owned a pale, pink clutch bag, I was after something a little larger {as I always carry so much. I’ve been called a bag lady ever since I was little; it never leaves my sight.} which would also be appropriate for everyday use. Luckily I found one by Dune in Debenhams, and it was pink. I can’t get over how cute it is. I’m longing for the days I can take it out wearing just a denim jacket, or a pretty top rather than it getting lost alongside a waterproof jacket.

As for the heels, they were from Faith and they matched the bag perfectly. Originally I was after a pair of court heels, but after running around trying on numerous styles, I figured the strap heel is the only style I can wear. My feet pop out of everything due to having a high instep, so a strap is needed to keep them in. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone walks in extremely high heels. I could just about manage walking in these, and they weren’t even that high. If I could walk barefoot at all times, I would.

When it comes to jewellery, less is more in my books. I’m not a fan of heavy, or clunky jewellery but instead prefer dainty pieces. I also tend to wear the same jewellery everyday rather than switch it up now and again. Luckily, my usual favourites are pink or rose gold, funnily enough, so I didn’t have to worry too much.

Watch: Olivia Burton

Rings: Pandora

Cupid Cuff bracelet: Ted Baker


I absolutely loved wearing this whole outfit, particularly the skirt as I didn’t want to take it off. It’s always nice when a piece of clothing makes you feel good, especially when you feel yourself wearing it. I am such a fan of classic, vintage styles and I like to think that I captured that look with this outfit, without being too dated or frumpy.

I am definitely going to be making the most out of wearing this skirt this spring. In fact, I may just live in it.

Love Georgie 





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