A Week in Lincolnshire: Part Two

A Week in Lincolnshire: Part Two

On the Wednesday, Elyse and Michaela rose early to go for another morning jog, whilst I stayed behind.There was no point in me going as I would have only slowed them down. Instead I stayed at the cottage and prepared breakfast. The plan for the day was to drive into Lincoln and have a little wander. We all needed to get out for a change of scenery and some fresh air. When the girls returned from their jog, they convinced themselves to workout some more, you know, do a few squats and a few burpees and so on. It didn’t last long. After pretty much ten seconds, Elyse rolled up her mat and claimed she was done.

After waiting for everyone to get ready, we finally managed to get our butts out of the door, which by this point, was already midday. Google maps told me that it was an hour and fifteen minute drive to Lincoln, which wasn’t too bad. However, the journey seemed a lot longer. Many times we were stuck behind a row of cars, all trying to over take a tractor down a winding road. Seriously, every time I thought I had got away from one, another appeared out of know of where. And there is nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow vehicle, with no where to turn when you desperately need to pee.

When we arrived in Lincoln, we decided to visit the Cathedral Quarter. The Cathedral itself was very grand and we did have a little wander inside, but mostly to snoop around the gift shop. I must say that I am a fan of Cathedrals though. I just love looking at the architecture of them, whilst immersing myself in a place of history.

{Windswept: It was so windy!!}

Due to the cold wind, all we craved was a hot drink to warm ourselves up. Before choosing from one of the many tea rooms that the Quarter boasted, we had a little nosy into some of the shops/boutiques along ‘Steep Hill’, known for being one of Britain’s best streets. The street itself has an old, charming feel to it with many of the buildings being the oldest in the city. We began at the top and made our way down the hill. The only problem with that of course, is that we had to then climb back up. It really wasn’t so bad. If you stick to the paved paths, it is easier to walk on the smooth terrain rather than cobbles. It definitely gets the muscles in your legs burning.

At the top of Steep Hill, we found an almost hidden little tea room called ‘Bookstop Cafe’. Inside was like being in a cosy, little cave with fairy lights hung all round and books shelved here and there for customers to enjoy. We all enjoyed a very chocolaty, hot chocolate whilst classical music played gently in the background. As it was a Wednesday, it was very quiet and we were the only customers for quite a while. At least we could talk nonsense among ourselves without being looked at, or worry about nosy eavesdroppers.

Once we had finished the last remaining sips of our hot chocolate, we went for a final stroll around the grounds inside the Castle walls before heading back to Wainfleet. We decided not to drive into the centre of the city as we wanted to head back, and I was starving.

That evening we went for another dip in the hot tub whilst it was still light outside, before stuffing our bellies. We may have enjoyed a glass of wine or two while we were at it.  After dinner, as we merrily danced around the room whilst ‘The Brits’ was on tv, the back door swung open. My heart almost leapt out of my chest. I was standing closest to the door but was the quickest to run away, leaving the other two in the room, half expecting intruders to charge in on us like they do in horror films. Elyse wasn’t far behind me but Michaela didn’t even flinch. It was so scary. No one was there and all we could see was darkness. I ran for the key, slamming the door shut, locked it, and every other door for that matter, as fast as I could. The door most likely swung open due to the wind, or because we hadn’t shut it properly in the first place, but in that moment, all kind of crazy things ran through my mind.

The following morning, Storm Doris had well and truly arrived. We spent the entire day safe inside watching countless films and not much else. It was far too horrible and miserable to go outside. We did however, all experience cabin fever and started to feel as though we were going crazy. There’s only so much you can take looking at the same four walls all day. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves as we moved from one sofa to another. It’s safe to say we were looking forward to going home. Although we had a lovely week spending time together, four nights was just a little too long for where we were. I’m not a fan of relaxing for too long when it comes to going away. I’m happiest when I’m out and about exploring.Two nights max would have been perfect.

We definitely enjoyed our stay at Riverside Farm Cottages, and I would recommend them to anyone staying in Lincolnshire, but there really is nowhere like home.

Love Georgie 


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