A Week in Lincolnshire: Part One

A Week in Lincolnshire: Part One

{Warning: Lengthy and photo heavy post. All photo’s were taken using my Iphone}

Back in December, Elyse, Michaela and I decided that we wanted a short, fairly cheap break away in the UK that would give us something to look forward to through the deary winter months. We knew that we didn’t want to stay in a hotel, but rather rent out a self accommodated cottage or cabin of sorts. We browsed through so many I think we were spoilt for choice but it came down to location (as we didn’t want to drive too far) and price. Oh and it had to have a hot tub, otherwise, it was a no no.

Eventually we found Riverside Farm Cottages in Lincolnshire on the Hoseasons website. We chose Beacon Cottage as it was the only one available at the time and it offered a hot tub. By this point, we couldn’t afford to be too fussy and so booked the cottage for four nights straight away. The cottages themselves are situated in a tiny village called Wainfleet All Saints, and about a ten to fifteen minute drive to Skegness. As neither of us had ever been to Lincolnshire, or Skegness, we had no idea what to expect. A few days before leaving, I decided to look up what was in the area and read some reviews. Let’s just say I was very disappointed. A part of me wishes that we should have chosen a prettier location with more to see and do, somewhere like Devon or Dorset.

Everyone kept telling me not to worry too much, and to enjoy taking some time out with my closest friends. On the Monday morning, we set off in the late morning for a two and a half hour drive. If anyone could have seen the state of my car, they would have thought they we were moving house. Between the three of us, we had packed the car with god knows what. It was stuffed to the brim and poor Michaela had to sit in the back with a mountain of bags beside her. I really don’t know why we took so much, we practically lived in our pyjamas the whole week.

As we arrived in the county, we couldn’t help but notice how flat the land was. The fields stretched out for miles and we were surrounded by cabbages and cauliflowers. It reminded me a lot of Norfolk, but I guess they are not exactly that far from each other. I must say that, as lovely as the enormous skies are, I much prefer rolling hills and valleys compared to flat land.

As we were too early to go and pick up the keys for the cottage,  we decided to do a shop for the week. I looked for the nearest supermarket on Google maps and found a Tesco’s close by in Skegness. This was the only time that we ventured into Skegness, and we didn’t even see the sea. From what we did see however, wasn’t to my taste and was in desperate need of some tender loving care. It had a real old fashioned, British sea side feel to it, it was just a shame that it looked so forgotten about. I felt like I didn’t want to be there. We all knew there and then that we would not be returning.

When we arrived in Wainfleet, we were however pleasantly surprised at how lovely our accommodation looked. In total there were six cottages, three of which were larger properties and the other three, small bungalow cottages which had been previously converted. We stayed in Beacon Cottage, a lovely little two bedroom cottage, with a bathroom, an open kitchen diner area, and a garden and a hot tub to ourselves. Not that we ever spent anytime in the garden, it was far too cold.

(Entrance at the back of the cottage. I should have straightened the mat, it’s really annoying me.)

The Cottage was well equipped and had everything we needed. There were roses welcoming us on the dining table; a lovely gesture, I do love flowers. And also a bottle of wine and shortbread biscuits which were soon demolished. It would have been nice to have another frying pan though, as there was only one, which meant we couldn’t have two things cooking at once. It also took us quite a while to figure out how to use the oven. It took for absolute ever to get hot. On the first night our garlic bread was pale, but it was still edible so we didn’t worry too much.

Elyse and Michaela shared the twin bedroom. A very bright and fresh looking room with a skylight above. It did not look that tidy however once they had unpacked. Sorry guys.

And this was the bedroom I slept in. I certainly didn’t expect it to be as big as it was. It was a really lovely room, with beams up above, giving it that real country feel and character which I love and large french doors, looking onto the court yard. The bed was comfortable enough but I am quite fussy and nothing beats my own. I also felt that it would have been a nice room to have shared with someone else. Being on my own was a little lonely, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. The decor in both of the bedrooms was simple, fresh and elegant. There is nothing worse than dated decor. I must also mention how clean the entire cottage was which gets a big thumbs up from me.

(The view of the courtyard from the double room. On a summer’s day, i’m sure it would be lovely to sit and eat outside. Sigh)

On our first night, after having a few hours to settle in, and make a quick dinner as we were starving, we gave our stomachs some time to settle before hopping in the hot tub. We didn’t wait too long as we were all so eager to jump in. Clutching at the towels around us, we ran outside into the pitch black night, shaking in our slippers as we tried to find our way in the darkness. It was so nice once we were finally in the warmth, the bubbles massaging our bodies whilst sipping on the prosecco I had bought. It was also a beautifully clear night and as we were in the country, the stars were showing off in all their glory. There really is something so magical about stargazing and having lived in a town all of my life, having a moment to sit back in complete serenity and observe the night sky was heavenly. And of course, we talked about the things girls usually talk about and scared ourselves, thinking strange figures were lurking in the shadows, waiting for their moment to pounce.

The following morning we were all up early, ready for a morning of jogging and a yoga class before having breakfast. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day and it wasn’t all that cold either. I let the other two run off ahead whilst I casually strolled the village taking photographs. I tried to run but I am so useless. I’m not lazy when it comes to running, I just physically can’t without being in pain. Does anyone else suffer with severe shin and ankle pain? I only have to run a few metres before my legs from the knee below feel rigid and heavy. Maybe I’m not stretching properly beforehand or need more supportive trainers. All I know is that it is annoying, and I think i’ll just stick to the cross trainer at the gym and cycling.

I couldn’t help but resist taking a few photographs whilst the other two were running. I much prefer stopping to look at the Snowdrops anyway, a sure sign that Spring is on its way. We didn’t venture too far into the village and kept to the outskirts, so we didn’t really see a lot of what the village had to offer. I think the images below are the most picturesque spots in the village (after having driven through the rest the day after) and just so happened to be across the road from our accommodation. It was also extremely quiet as no one was to be seen, except for a few cars that passed whilst we tried capturing a creative photograph. It failed. 

Once back at the cottage, we rolled out our yoga mats and I set up my camera to film it. (I may or may not post the edited version in Part Two) We decided to do ‘Yoga with Adriene’s Energizing Morning Sequence’, found on her Youtube channel which I highly reccommend. It was a simple yet energising class which focused on working the body through a series of sun salutations. I can’t explain how good it felt to stretch. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and upper back so it was nice to get some relief and loosen up. We also kept the back door wide open, allowing the sunlight to stream in. I wish I could say that the birds were singing until their hearts were content, but in reality, all we could hear were diggers and workmen, working on the land behind our cottage. Typical. Anyway, it was an enjoyable yoga class and we spent the rest of the day in pyjamas watching films, or in my case, writing blog posts.

Part Two coming soon.

 Love Georgie 


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