February Goals

February Goals

Welcome February! 

I am so glad that January is over and done with. Nothing particularly exciting happened, everyday felt the same and the long nights were (are) getting on my nerves. I’m just so fed up with winter now. It’s lovely to wake up to frosty mornings and winter sunlight in November and December but after that, all I want is warm bones and rosy cheeks. The short days make me so lazy and I feel so unproductive. As soon as the sun has set, I jump straight into my pyjamas and fall asleep on the sofa, even though in a few hours time I know I have to drag myself to a gym class. It is the worst feeling. Ever.

BUT Spring is near! I can feel it. The sun is beginning to set a little bit later everyday and I’ve even spotted tiny buds on the trees. It just generally feels like Winter is moving on and Spring is arriving. Daffodils are in season again and there is nothing like a pop of yellow to brighten your day. When the Earth feels more alive, I do too.

February looks as though it is going to be a busy month. I have a few deadlines towards the end, and lots planned, including a relaxing week away with the girls which I am so excited about. But there are certain goals I set myself back at the beginning of January that I haven’t really stuck to. For that reason, I feel as though I need to start again and what with the onset of Spring, surely that will motivate me.


This is something I really need to work on, especially over the next few months. I don’t know about you but I make myself so many lists, and yet I still find I haven’t completed everything I need to. I think I worry over the amount that I have to get done that sometimes, that gets in the way, stopping me from being productive at all. Giving myself small, achievable targets each day will hopefully feel less overwhelming and more attainable.


Similarly to the above, I really need to plan my days better. I bought myself a beautiful, marble effect planner for the new year and although I have used it occasionally, I haven’t used it as much as I had hoped I would. Instead of wasting an hour on my phone, or watching TV, I could use that time to get some work done, take Clover out for a walk or take up a hobby. That way, I can sleep knowing I have made the most of the day and haven’t just sat around, watching the clock tick by. Nothing scares me more than looking back at my week and thinking, where the hell has the week gone and what have I even done with myself?


Ok, I’m going to blame the dark mornings for this – again. I really, really want to be a morning person. I wish I could hop out of bed and be ready to take on the day by at least 7.am. I’ve always found that the earlier I get up, the more energy I have and more productive I am. It’s just so difficult. Why would I want to leave the warm comfort of my bed for the cold, foggy, icy day? I don’t know. I am going to try though, really. I’m going to set my alarm early every morning, even weekends, to adjust my body clock. I do love mornings and for that reason, I want to wake up and enjoy them.


I started Yoga a few years ago after  wanting to try it for ages. I practiced regularly and felt so much better for it. I was the most flexible I have ever been, and having never been able to touch my toes before, suddenly it was like I was given a new body. I also noticed I didn’t get ill or suffer from the common cold as often as Yoga strengthens the immune system. My breathing was calmer, my mind more focused and relaxed and I was generally really happy and healthy. I then moved away from home in my second year at University and for some reason, I just didn’t find time to practice Yoga. Although I moved back home shortly afterwards, I signed up at a gym and started trying all the different classes as going to the gym was so new to me – I wanted to try everything. But I miss Yoga. Working out at the gym has made my muscles sore, I’m not as flexible, I’ve always got a cold and I’m a lot more on edge. However, getting back into Yoga and practicing daily is something I am going to make time for, because believe me, it is so worth it.


This is a big one, and an obvious one that I’m sure most of us tell ourselves. I consider myself a healthy person, I eat well and moderately, I don’t drink fizzy drinks (unless it’s for an occasion) and I exercise, but one thing I forget to do is to simply have a glass of water. Hours can pass by before I realise I haven’t had anything to drink and no wonder I have a headache, my skin is breaking out and I can’t concentrate properly. I’m probably dehydrated. I need to get into a regular habit of getting enough fluid every hour to improve my overall function, whether this is a herbal tea or fruit infused water even, it is important I look after myself.

What are your goals for the month?

Love Georgie 




  1. Fabiana
    February 6, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    Love the goals Georg, I started yoga about 4 months ago, and I am doing it more regularly every day for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it…!! There’s so many poses that I am desperate to be able to do. Doing more yoga is definitely on the top of my goal list too…!
    Hope you accomplish your goals this month.
    Love daffodils
    Love Fab xx

    • Georgina Grace
      February 8, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Thank you! Oh really, that’s so good!! Haha, I’m exactly the same and it’s such a good feeling when you can finally do it xxx

  2. February 8, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Great goals! I feel like mine are similar. I need to eat healthier. For some reason February has started off with junk food and it hasn’t stopped! I also need to go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier, but that’s easier said then done. 🙂


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