Hello 2018 & Life Update

    Happy New Year!

    I always find this time of year strange. Whilst everyone else looks forward to moving into a new year, new challenges, new goals and a chance to get organised, I find the first few days of January can be somewhat – disappointing. Sometimes, it feels wrong to leave a year behind and everyone that left with it, but time always moves on, even when we want it to stop. The build-up to the New Year is made to look monumental and exciting, as though some kind of magic happens at midnight that will make everything alright again. In reality, nothing changes,  and soon you’re back at work with long dark nights, but no fairy lights.

    2017 was a mixed year. Whilst there were some highlights, such as graduating (although, I now really miss being a student!) there were also many low points. At the beginning of last year, I really thought I would make it my own. My year to do something amazing, something different and grab onto as many opportunities with both hands. Looking back, I have no idea what I did with myself all year, is that bad? It was as though I was living on autopilot, and not living in the moment. I had so much time after my finishing my degree to do whatever I wanted. Time to learn new things, see the world, meet new people and soak up as much as I could. The truth is, I sat alone most days with Clover, fretting over job applications and constantly feeling like I wasn’t doing enough – wasn’t good enough. So much time wasted!

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